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There are two types of powder coatings: thermoplastic and thermosetting. Thermoplastic powders melt and flow when heat is applied but they continue to have the same chemical composition once they cool and solidify. Thermosetting powder coatings also melt when exposed to heat, but they then chemically cross-link within themselves or with other reactive components. The cured coating has a different chemical structure than the basic resin. Thermosetting coatings are heat-stable and, unlike thermoplastic powders, will not soften back to the liquid phase when re-heated. Thermoset powders can also be applied by spray application to develop thinner films with better appearance than some thermoplastic powder coatings.


Thermoplastic Powders 

■ Superior impact resistance
■ Excellent UV protection
■ No primer or curing required provides major energy savings
■ Available in a wide range of colors and textures
■ Ideal coating solution for a wide range of applications
■ Environmentally friendly

Polyarmor® is a multi-purpose thermoplastic powder coating that utilizes polyethylene co-polymer chemistry to meet and exceed a wide range of performance attributes including ultra high adhesion, impact and corrosion resistance, ultra violet (UV) protection, and graffiti resistance.

Polyarmor thermoplastic powder coatings contain no phthalates and heavy metal compliant, making Polyarmor the best choice for exceptional performance and environmental safety.

Polyarmor G17 is an ideal choice when an all-purpose, high performance coating, with exceptional aesthetics is required. The abrasion, impact, and corrosion resistance is unsurpassed, with over 2000 hours of salt spray testing. Outdoor furniture, fencing, trailer frames, helmet facemasks, and bike racks are just a few of the typical applications that can benefit from the superior protection and durability of Polyarmor thermoplastic powder coatings.

The Polyarmor family includes several products formulated to meet a range of finishing and protection needs. Both fluid bed dip and spray grade products are available.

Is your application constantly exposed to nature’s elements? Does it require resistance to chemicals or harsh impacts? What about overall protection without sacrificing looks? Protech / Innotek powder coatings may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Click on the photos at right to read how Protech / Innotek coatings are used on each application and which specific Protech / Innotek coating is used.

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thermoplastic powder thermoplastic powder thermoplastic powder
thermoplastic powder thermoplastic powder thermoplastic powder
thermoplastic powder

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