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JSP Powercap active IP and Spares


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JSP Jetstream

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JSP Force 8

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JSP Force 10

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JSP Spares

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JSP Powercap® Active IP  8hr Multi Plug Black

JSP PowerCap® Active IP ™

PowerCap® Active™ IP

PowerCap® Active™ IP (Patent Granted) is a lightweight, firm fitting, ergonomically designed positive pressure respirator, designed to protect the user from dust and most airborne particulate pollutants to EN 12941+A2 TH1P. PowerCap® Active™ excels in very dusty environments within light industry (machining and milling), agriculture (livestock, poultry farming, grain silos), landscaping, and food processing. Powercap® Active™ IP incorporating bump cap protection and impact faceshield with high protection against flying particles. Complete with faceshield, two TH1P filters, one battery pack, and one charging dock.

Conforms to EN 166, EN 812+A1, EN 12941+A2 TH1P.

Powered Air – Respiratory protection to EN 12941:1988 TH1P. Assigned Protection Factor 10 (UK classification) equivalent to an EN 149 FFP2. Mask gives a cooling, comfortable supply of filtered air at 160 litres per minute eliminating breathing resistance and visor misting.

Bump Cap Head Protection – The cap uses JSP Hardcap A1+™ bump cap technology, exceeding the A1 version of EN 812. The cap is also easily removable and machine washable for hygiene purposes thanks to the patented connection mechanism of the cap and visor.

Powercap® Active™ PowerBox™1 battery pack – The new PowerBox™1 battery pack features a micro USB connection for simpler, faster charging. A built-in fuel gauge reports battery level on demand. The charging cable connects directly to the battery pack, reducing the number of parts by removing the dock station used with the original PowerBox™.

Visor – Attached by rivets, 1mm thick polycarbonate with aluminium edges providing impact protection


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PowerCap® Active™ Visor       and        Powercap® Active™ IP Visor


 PowerCap® Active™  and         PowerCap® Active™ IP    Face Seals


Replacement Cap
Spare cap to keep PowerCap® Active™ providing optimal levels of protection.


Battery pack
Replacement battery pack for the PowerCap®Active™ / PowerCap®Active™ IP to keep PowerCap® Active™ providing optimal levels of protection.


Replacement Filter TH1P (per pair)              AND Pre filters 
Spare filters to keep PowerCap® Active™ providing optimal levels of protection.

Technical Specification

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JSP Jetstream® Switch & Go 8hr UK Plug


The Jetstream® Switch & Go
The first affordable fully approved unit to EN12941, which features ALL the equipment needed in one complete pack. Jetstream® is a belt-mounted rechargeable respirator with a large capacity disposable dust filter. Waist belt and power unit weighs just 765g. Jetstream® delivers 180 lt/min of air through the filter via a highly flexible hose to the desired headtop.
The Switch and Go unit comes complete with a white nylon head top. Jetstream® Switch & Go pack Contains: PSL Filter, Hose, Charger, Carry Case, Battery, White Nylon Headtop, Flow Meter & UK Plug.
Filter Performance: Offers an assigned protection factor (APF) of 20 x Work place Exposure Limit (WEL) for very fine dusts, fibres, fumes and aqueous mists.

JSP Jetstream® Filters


Gas/Vapour GV-X A2 Filter A2 Spare Filter. Spare to maintain

Jetstream® as a highly effective respiratory product.


Gas/Vapour GV-X A2PSL Filter A2PSL Spare Filter.

Spare to maintain Jetstream® as a highly effective respiratory product.

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JSP Force™ 8 Half-Mask with A1P2 Filters


JSP Force™ 8 Half Mask with Typhoon™ Valve & F8-112 A1P2 Combination Cartridge

The Force™ 8 twin cartridge half mask with Typhoon™ valve offers superior low breathing resistance and a 4-point suspension harness with quick release buckles. The mask is made with a durable thermoplastic rubber offering a superior fit to most face shapes. The mask accepts the full range of low profile Force™ 8 filters giving the Force™ 8 the flexibility to be used for many applications, providing filtering protection against particulates, many gases and vapours.

Durable thermoplastic rubber mask for superior fit to most face shapes.

Fully adjustable 4-point cradle suspension ensuring an effective facial fit.

CR2™ Reflectivity
Reflective strips create increased visibility in low-light environments for added safety.

Typhoon™ Exhalation Valve
Low resistance exhalation valve for easy breathing, with stable mask configuration.

Force™ Filters
Cost effective Force™ 8 filters available with low profile angle for minimum visual impairment.

Conforms to EN140 (Face piece), EN14387:2004 (Filter performance), EN143:200 (Filter performance)

PressToCheck™ Filters FOR FORCE 8


Press To Check™ Press To Check™ Press To Check™

A2 P3 Filters ABEK1 P3 Filters P3 Dust Filters

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JSP Force™ 10 Full Face Mask

The Force10™ is a full face twin cartridge mask with Class 3 heavy duty filter connections. The completely clear panoramic visor maximises light levels within the mask giving optimum visibility. The lens also offers impact protection and has anti-mist and anti-scratch coating as standard. The mask offers superior comfort with its 5-point suspension harness and quick release buckles, making it easy to adjust. The mask moulds to the shape of the face for an excellent seal, and is also padded for extra comfort over prolonged use. The mask accepts any of the wide range of low profile Force8™ filters designed for minimal visual impairment. Conforms to: BS EN 136:1998.

Comfort & Seal
Padded for extra comfort over prolonged use, and moulds to face shape for excellent seal.

Fully Adjustable
Fully Adjustable 5-point suspension harness for optimum fit and comfort. Quick release buckles for ease of use.

Panoramic Vision
Panoramic anti-mist, anti-scratch design providing impact protection.

Exhalation Valve
Exhalation valve to reduce heat and moisture build-up.

Filters available with low profile angle design.

jsp powder cap respiratory protection equipment

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