Kleenall Industrial Hand Cleansers

    Our modern society desires cleanliness above all else. Our new Kleenall handcare range is designed to meet the tough challenges of removing every day industrial soiling from your hands.
    The Kleenall Industrial range is aimed at workshop, maintenance and production environments where the soiling is hard to remove and in particular, areas using paints, inks, resins, oils and grease.

    Kleenall Handcare
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    Kleenall Industrial Hand Cleansers

    Working within paint shops, metal processing and dusty areas is always going to cause hand contamination, react to skin hygiene with the KLEENALL® industrial hand care range. Regarded for decades as the hand cleaner of choice within paint shops and associated industries the KLEENALL® range is effective in the removal of paints, inks, resins, oil, grease and other hard to remove soiling.

    A comprehensive range in paste, gel, liquid or portable wipe variations, KLEENALL® has solutions for heavy duty cleaning, washroon, anti-bacterial and sanitising. Skin conditioning and barrier creams complete the range, dispensing options including wall mounted modular pump systems.

    Kleenall Liquid

    A powerful liquid version of our renowned Kleenall Paste, Kleenall Liquid is an easily dispensed poly-beaded hand cleaner that provides impeccable performance for professionals in the painting, printing and engineering areas.

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    Available in:

    • 3 litres
    • 5 litres
    • 2 litre cartridges

    Re-order code: D7067

    Kleenall Paste

    The original Kleenall Paste is lightly perfumed and free rinsing, Kleenall Paste is a pleasant and easy to use paste that has become the market leading product for the removal of paint, resins and adhesives.

    The specialist formulation includes poly-beads which aid the removal of stubborn grease and grime that continues to make Kleenall Paste the favourite hand cleaner amongst paint sprayers, print workers, mechanics and engineers.

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    Available in:

    • 1 litre
    • 5 litres

    Re-order code: D7030

    Kleenall Protect

    We are proud to offer a premium quality conditioning cream that moisturises the skin to prevent against cracking and chaffing. Kleenall protect also provides a barrier against dirt and enables easier cleaning which means that less aggressive hand cleaners are needed. Then after work, Kleenall Protect is perfect to make your hands feel your own again.

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    A luxury product with two applications.

    Available in:

    • 5 litres
    • 800ml cartridge bags
    • 600ml pots

    Re-order code: D7068

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