Goodbody Limited supply the full range of paint spray booth protective peelable coatings.


Propeel is a white pigmented temporary protective coating designed for application to all smooth, clean, metal spray booth walls in order to provide an easy method of booth maintenance The dried film is readily peelable and enables even heavy overspray deposits to be quickly and cleanly removed.

Exposed areas can then be touched in or the entire area re-sprayed as necessary. By providing a white, light reflective surface better working conditions are obtained making for a consistent achievement of high quality work.

* Strong easily peelable film.
* Enables heavy overspray to be removed quickly and cleanly.
* Light reflective surface for better working conditions.
* Reduces maintenance time.
* Heavily contaminated areas may be cut and painted in.

Product codes 25tr – G4602-25 & 4 x 5 ltr – G4602-4×5

See Technical Data Sheet


AQUAPEEL is a white pigmented, water based peelable protective coating and is designed for application to
paint spray booth walls, etc, so that overspray deposits can be removed quickly and easily.
* Dense white film
* Easily peelable, good resistance to most paint overspray.
* Thixotropic nature minimises ‘running’
* No flammability or toxicity problems.
* Equipment cleaned with water – no use of thinners.
* Economical.Product codes 25l – A4605-25 & 4 x 5 ltr – A4605-4×5

See Technical Data Sheet 

Prpoeel HD

Propeel HD is a viscous liquid drying to give an off-white tough peelable film and is designed to offer a simple yet
effective method of maintaining and protecting non-solvent sensitive surfaces from abrasion, paints, oils, resins and dilute
acids and alkalis.
* Keeps floors clean making maintenance easy.
* Excellence durability.
* Offers good abrasion and chemical resistance.
* Leaves surfaces clean on removal.Product code 25ltr – G4600-25

Aquapeel TS

A clear water based temporary protective coating.
Designed to enable transparent protective films to be achieved whilst ensuring good through visibility and
providing protection against paint contamination.Product code D4608-25

See Technical Data Sheet 

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